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  • You can do everything yourself by acquiring more knowledge and skills, which is the hard way.
  • You can plug into our Online Business Team community with decades of practical experience, using our tried and tested tools.

Our team spent months speaking and negotiating with global companies to find the best solutions for Micro Businesses and SMBs.

  • Stop doing everything yourself - researching, evaluating, learning, setting up and managing platforms.
  • Because we have done the challenging work.
  • You can plug and play using our tried and tested Standard Operating Procedures.

You can take advantage of our Standard Operating Procedures developed specifically from a business perspective.

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Your step-by-step Guide to Growing Your Business

Step 1 - Protect Yourself from

fast changing Cyber Crime

Girl at laptop looking round

Security Awareness Training

Identify gaps in your security knowledge because people are the biggest security risk.

Personalised training to fill in the missing gaps that you must have to stay safe.

No setup required - just plug into a ready-made platform.

  • Raise security awareness
  • Reduce email phishing risks
  • Simple security policy guidelines
  • Cyber security risk calculator
  • Calculate overall human risk
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The Internet is the world-wide network

Your mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop, are all devices which are endpoints on the Internet network.

Your smart home devices like doorbells, cameras, watches fitness trackers, etc all add to the list of ways to be attacked.

When you are connected there are numerous opportunities for hackers and criminals to attack your devices.

  • Smart Network and Device Protection
  • Flexibility to align with your business objectives
  • Multi-Layered Security for Business
  • Protection from infection and malicious processes
  • Secure Wi-Fi connections
  • Smart Devices or Internet of Things Testing

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 with the full product range

Kaspersky Registered Partner

Step 2 - Leverage technology to improve profits

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of people, processes and technology.

It is about making things simple, enjoyable, and engaging for the customer at each touch point.

Delivers real benefits to customers, staff and the business as a whole.

  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Integrate technology, marketing, sales & operations
  • Automate the customer experience
  • Fix technology basics first
  • Define outcomes
  • Define a roadmap
  • Prioritise initiatives

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To see the benefits, you can gain we have over 3,000 Microsoft Case Studies
which can be filtered by Company size, Industry Type and Location

Step 3 - Are you measuring the right elements

to protect your business and reputation

Free Business Health Check

How profit-friendly is your business?

Measure your strengths and weaknesses in the 7 key areas that are important in building an enduring growing & profitable business. Only takes 5 - 7 minutes.

Your results are shown in a Prioritised Action Plan

  • Strategy & Direction
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Financial Management
  • Systems & Processes
  • Business Protection
  • Personal Satisfaction

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Growth Scorecard - with 19 Key areas

Check the key areas of your business across Brand & Marketing Impact, Financial Awareness and Sales Efficiency. Only takes 15 - 20 minutes.

Discover how you stand out in your marketplace, build a financially successful business and maximise sales opportunities.

  • Brand - Market - Messages - Results
  • Brand - Collateral - Data - Website 
  • Finance - Money-in - Money-out - Funding
  • Finance - Pricing - Trends - Planning - Performance
  • Sales - Strategy - Customer Needs - Measurement
  • Sales - Sales Process - Opportunity Management
  • All results are shown in Prioritised Action Plans

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Prioritise Critical Business Risks

The Early Warning System for your Business.

19 Modules cover every business risk element to ensure that remedial actions are correctly prioritised.

  • Full Risk Report
  • Action Planning Dashboard 
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Risk Management Training
  • Service Procurement

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4 - Build, Monitor, Manage & Market Your Company Reputation

Reputation Managing & Marketing

We help you Build & Market your Reputation because we are now living in a Reputation Economy.

Where More Reviews = More Trust = More Customers = More Revenue

  • Monitors 647 Review Sites
  • For over 40 million companies worldwide
  • Collecting 310 million reviews since 2007
  • Show all your reviews and ratings on your website
  • Integrated workflows with 2,000+ apps

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All-in-one local marketing platform

The local marketing platform that puts you in control of SEO, business listings, and online reputation.

Track your digital footprint online

Check your business against your competitors

  • Local Search Ranking Reports
  • Citation Tracker Reports
  • Google My Business Audits
  • Basic Reputation Manager
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google My Business Insights Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration

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Step 5 - Business Growth with Training and Coaching

OBT Training Centre

Coming soon our award winning Learning Management System (LMS).

An LMS platform that your learners will instinctively know how to use, even those new to online training.

Access training anytime, anywhere on desktop or mobile, morning or night.

  • Most courses are Certified Courses
  • Online Training Platform
  • Easily access training to fit busy schedules
  • Personalised training based on your needs
  • Plug and Play learning
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • All training is in one place with a single sign-on

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Transforming your Business

How would it be to feel in complete control of everything you say, do, feel and experience?

Discover the 12+1 Master Keys to Unlock the Transformational success and wealth of your business.

What would your business look like if you achieve the goals you only dreamt of before?

  • Work on the business for better rewards
  • Set inspirational goals
  • Expand knowledge and personal development
  • Run the business rather than being run by it.
  • Exit Strategy to improve lifestyle

You can join our amazing knowledgebase of experts at Online Business Team

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The above tools are only a few that we use in our Standard Operating Procedures for Micro and SMBs

As an Online Business Team member, you get access to other business processes and tools for...

  • Website security and compliance
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Email Security and protection
  • Advanced Threat protection

We are independent and continually assess products and services to ensure you have the best in the market. We don’t develop software we have partner relationships with the leading vendors.

Selecting the right software is only the first step.

You can get help from the Online Business Team to get the maximum productivity gains and the best ROI.

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