Voluntary Waiver of Security Awareness Training



This form is notice that the Client hereby acknowledges that they were informed by OBT Synergy about the need and availability of Security Awareness Training. By way of signing this document, the Client hereby acknowledges that they have made the decision not to purchase Security Awareness Training at this time.

The Client also acknowledges that this is against the advice of OBT Synergy and that by signing this document they are releasing OBT Synergy of any liability by any and all parties who have or may have right to bring claim against them with regard of the Client’s decision to voluntary decline Security Awareness Training.

The Client understands that the risks associated with their decision not to purchase Security Awareness Training include (and are not limited to):

Permanent loss of data through accidental or malicious means

Potential non-compliance with government or industry specific regulatory and compliance requirements

Business down time

Theft of valuable data which can in turn be used for malicious purposes

Costly and potentially unsuccessful data recovery processes of an undefined timeframe

The Client fully acknowledges that they have reviewed this document and they understand the effect of declining Security Awareness Training against the strong recommendation of OBT Synergy.

The Client understands that if they desire to add Security Awareness Training later, that the price and options for coverage may change for a variety of reasons.

Signed on behalf of the Client             Signed on behalf of OBT Synergy

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