We operate differently

Drawing on decades of experience across multiple industries, from the smallest business to international blue-chip companies.

OBT Synergy brings to you peace of mind in this troubled world 

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery


Our passion at OBT Synergy is to help businesses and organisations understand how to use digital technology to transform their business, reduce threats and exploit opportunities.

We provide plug & play services for Micro and SMBs, that leverage corporate best practice.

By sharing our knowledge and experience as a collaborative team we can all help each other on the road to success.

Building your OBT 365 Community

We setup Online Business Team as a Microsoft 365 Secure Enterprise, to simplify the management for up to 900 companies.

This enables us to manage multiple business in our Enterprise platform, to relieve the complexity of security and data management from micro and small businesses.

Using Online Business Team is the wrapper which enabled us to create OBT 365. This is the home for an informal co-operative of trusted micro and small businesses.

OBT 365 provides enterprise benefits within a secure collaboration environment without the distractions of social media platforms.

Combining your expertise with ours

We all have a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained over many years  

Combining your specialist expertise with our growing team opens up new opportunities and help all trusted team members.

This will enable your Micro or SME Business to benefit in the same way as multi-nationals do.

Steps to how we work

Step 1 - Security Check

An initial security assessment to protect yourself and the OBT 365 Community.

Commitment to ongoing security training with approved certification to reduce insurance costs.

Step 2 - Collaborative Mindset

Collaboration is about give and take. Having a Team of trusted professionals with specialist skills availbale 365 daya a year is a value resource.

Step 3 - Success Breeds Success

Social media platforms are distracting and rife with rumour and speculation

An Ad free dedicated working environment with positive people provides positive constuctive support to acceleratet success.

Step 4 - Sharing Routes to Success

Learning the hard way on your own is a painful, expensive, time consuming route to success.

Sharing best practice with tried and tested solutions, within the team frees up time and reduces stress.

The results is an massive improvement in quality of life.

Here is our Awesome Team

A business and data analyst responsible for adding over £17.1 million to my client's profits.

Developed data security model to ensure US and UK Military Project compliance, for 6,500 people, in 36 companies across 5 countries.

Clive Hornsby

Director & Co-Founder

Management Consultant, Coach and Trainer for 24 years.

Enjoys helping other business people develop their skills, through one2one coaching.
Business Advisor 2014 for Young Enterprise Stafford & Stone.

David Nurse

Director & Co-Founder

A serial networker with many contacts in Business Biscotti, 4 Networking and BNI.

Created IBD Internet Business Directory back in 2003, to help his his clients rank higher in the major search engines.
Here is our tribute to Pete

Pete Clowes


A communications, marketing and PR strategist.

Advised governments and businesses in how they define their communications activity so it becomes an integrated, valued and essential asset to any operation.

Paul Melhuish


Product Analyst, Data Technician & Senior Account Executive.

Developed bespoke reporting, data-set analysis tools & product specification for insurance which generate millions of quotes yearly.

steve Lacey

Lead Generation Wizard

Data Analyst, systems analysis and developing best practices on data recording and report production.

Developing software that pulled together data from Engineering, operations and accounts.

Pete Williamson

Security & Training Wizard

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Here is our Transformer Business Network Team

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Joe O'Connor

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Peter Collins

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Aidan Campbell

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Michael Shiels

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The company replaced a range of unconnected communication and collaboration tools with Microsoft 365 and has already built bespoke workflows to make life easier for its field engineers and staff, saving thousands of pounds in the process.

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